Why Did You Choose Career in Network Engineering?


Young engineer in an interviewThere are many reasons for this choice. It is a perspective area with bright future and great possibilities of career growth. The salaries for engineers are exceptional too. What more, the competition is not so tough like in other fields.

However, do not get caught in a trap with the very first question. These things are typically the reasons why we choose network engineering for our career, but it does not represent a good answer in an interview. It is too self-centered. Of course, an employer wants to give you a good possibility for career growth and realizing yourself. On the other hand, he wants to hear that you care for his business too. Therefore, try to focus also on the following fields:

  • Exceptional computer intelligence and great predispositions to become a network engineer
  • Love to do the job, motivation and enthusiasm for doing it
  • Belief in huge perspective of this field nowadays

Sample answers

I love to work with networks. I liked it since my childhood. I was an administrator of local network we had back then. I believe this area is very perspective and important in society, because we have networks everywhere right now. To work on the security and effectiveness of it makes me proud and happy in my daily life.

It is simple for me to understand network. I really enjoy troubleshooting it and believe that as a network engineer, I can bring a lot of added value to both my employer and the clients we have. On the top of that, I see a very bright future for companies in this field, so it is a steady and safe job from my point of view.

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