Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years Time?


Loyal network engineer in workLoyalty is everything in the field of network engineering. Employer invests a lot of money and knowledge into the employees and does not want to see them leave. That’s why it is natural to inquire about your career plans and goals.

Many network engineers do not realize this. They speak about their own business, employment abroad and other things, far from the wishes and desires of the employer… This can not happen to you, especially if you apply for an entry level job. Your desire to learn, grow and stay in a company for a long time must resonate in your answer. Employer should get a feeling that you really want to bring added value to his business, also in five years from now.


Sample answers

I understand where I stand right now. I graduated from CCNA and have little experience with real network engineering. What I want to do is learn, grow and work in this field for as long as possible. I identified your company as a best place to realize my ambitions. I do not know how quickly I will develop. But I would like to stay in one company, learn as much as I can about specific field of network engineering and become a senior engineer at the right time. So in five years time, I see myself working in your company, if you hire me today.

I do not have any plans for career change. I am very satisfied with my field of expertize. In five years time, I would still prefer to be employed as a network engineer. I know there will be new challenges and I am looking forward to it.


Responsible man always has some goals

Some job seekers make a mistake. They say that they do not plan for five years in advance. It is not a good answer. Every responsible employee has some goals and plans and is able to talk about it in an interview.

If you never thought about it, do it now. For sure there are at least some personal goals you have, if you do not want to make any progress in your professional career. Feel free to talk about it in an interview, but do not forget on the loyalty.


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