What Motivates You The Most in Job?


Man is angry in front of his computerMotivation is an important factor for every single employer. It does not matter if you are a skilled network engineer… If you are not motivated to work hard, you will not be a good employee. Actually, many technicians struggle with motivation in job and that’s why this is an important question.

On the top of that, this job can be repetitive sometimes. It is tough to be motivated, if there are no new challenges. An employer should give you new tasks and challenges, but not all employers can afford it. Therefore it is up to you to motivate yourself…

Money is not a good motivation

Let’s face it. We work for money. If there was no salary, would you go to work? I doubt many would… However, to speak about money as a primary factor of motivation is not a good idea. After all, it is simply a salary, something you will get, you must get, doesn’t matter if you are motivated or not.  You should focus on a good feeling from a job done, self realization, personal interest in networks, etc, as your motivation in job. Anything is better than saying that money motivates you.


Sample answers


I really love networks. It is not only my job, but  also my hobby. I like to plan, analyze an troubleshoot networks. The job itself motivates me, as I enjoy doing it. I can’t imagine doing something else for living.

I am pretty oriented on the added value I can bring to the clients. When I see I did a good job, planned or implemented a good network on client’s side, it makes me proud. What more, to develop my skills every day and become an expert is also motivating for me.

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