What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?


Two people talking in a network engineer job interviewThis is one of the most typical interview questions. It causes worries to thousands of job seekers all around the world. However, it is not as difficult as people believe. You just have to choose a good strength and a good weakness for your answer :). Easy, right?

Network engineer is neither a salesman, nor a manager. He does not need to have exceptional communication skills, or an ability to lead the others, or a high emotional intelligence. Not at all! He needs to know his job , have good computer intelligence, observation skills, time management skills and know a little from project and process management. He should be responsible and punctual, and most importantly – he should be detail oriented.

I have just named couple of important abilities for a network engineer, as well as things that do not matter at all. You should use it for your answer in an interview. Pick a strength that is relevant for a job and a weakness that does not matter that much for this position.

Continue with your efforts to improve

Recruiters desire to hear you work on your strengths and try to eliminate your weaknesses. This presents you as a responsible employee who tries to become better every day. Let’s have a look at two good answers.

Lot of wiresI am a responsible and detail oriented man. It is easy for me to spot a problem and plan a solution. From my weaknesses, I would say my emotional intelligence is low. Sometimes  I struggle to see what the others feel and act inappropriately in personal relationships. However, I try to improve on my weakness, reading books on human psychology and emotional intelligence. It is my hobby to work on it.

My computer intelligence is very good. I can learn to work with any new tools quickly, without a need to read tutorial or guide. I can work very quickly too. I consider this as my biggest strength. On the other hand, average communication skills represent my biggest weakness. I try to improve on it, but it it not easy.

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