Do You Have Any Questions?


Handshake at the end of the job interviewJob interview should be a dialogue. Network engineering is no exception. If you apply for a job in a good company, you should always get a chance to ask some questions. This is typically offered at the end of the interview.

Even if it does not seem so, it goes about one of the most crucial parts of an interview. If you give a good question at this place, you actually can:


  • Show that your determination to have this job lasts, or is even stronger, at the end of the interview.
  • Show that you understood what your job is about, what the USP of the company is and how you can be valuable for their team.
  • Compliment the interviewer and strengthen you mutual relationship at the end.
  • Demonstrate high level of expertize, asking about some highly technical thing related to the job.

A good question can do wonders for you. But what about a bad question? A wrongly selected question can really be a major blow to your chances of getting a job. You should avoid asking about something that was clearly described in an interview.  You should also avoid asking about your salary. If the employer wants to hire you, the negotiations will come to place. But a good job applicant never initiates it on his own. You should also not ask any kind of personal question, simply anything that can make the interviewer feel intimidated… Let’s have a look at some good questions to ask in an interview:


Sample answers

I see you work a lot with these new networks of Juniper. It really interests me. Could you tell me something more about practical application and the differences for the client, when compared to the new network?


Can you tell me more about long-term goals of your company? I want to see if I can help to achieve it. And where do you see your position on the market in five years time?

I have a very good feeling about this position so far. Can you please tell me what are the next steps of recruitment process? Will there be any practical round of interviews, or was this the final round?

Good answers to interview questions are important for your success. However, do not forget that your communication skills and ability to “sell yourself” to the recruiters often decide it at the end… If you want to improve on this, check our I Will Get a Job Recording – Ultimate guide on how to ace an interview. And if you look for answers to tough technical network engineering interview questions, have a look on our book section. Thank you!