Can You Tell Me Something about Your Experience?


Advanced router modelDo not get fooled with the simplicity of this question. Everyone can talk about his experience, that is true. However, an employer can find out a lot while listening to your answer. For example:

  • What aspects of the job do you talk about?
  • Do you talk positively or negatively about your former experience?
  • Do you put emphasis on your working duties, or achievements and lessons you learned? Or do you talk mostly about bad traits of your former bosses?
  • Do you talk about reasons why you left your last job?
  • Does what you say correspond with the information on your resume, or do you speak about different things?
  • Do you use a terminology of an expert, or do you talk like somebody who has no real experience with network engineering?

As you can see, you need to be careful about what you say. Most importantly, you should speak positively about your previous roles, bosses, clients and colleagues. Nobody wants to employ an engineer who complains about everything. Then secondly, you should give practical examples from your previous work and stress your achievements and lessons you learned in job.


Working portfolio

Interviewer is making notes in an interviewI suggest you to prepare a working portfolio for your interview.  It can be a simple description of the principal projects you worked on, completed with some relevant pictures and key achievements in each project. If you will be interviewed by senior network engineer, or by another technician, such a portfolio can easily win you a job contract. There will be things you can discuss together and he will understand added value you can bring to the company.

Such a portfolio is an ace in the sleeve of every smart network engineer. If you have some time, you should prepare one, either in printed form or in a form of .PPT.


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