Books – Special Deals for You


Interview preparation is a complex process and can’t be covered on a single website. Therefore we researched the market and identified three great and inexpensive books for network engineer job applicants. Due to special deals we have, you will get the cheapest price  purchasing from our website. Enjoy it and ace your interview!


1. Your Route to Cisco Career Success

  • Basic description: Learn 7 keys to success in your career as a Cisco networking professional, as taught by Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 #7945 (R/S and Collaboration). Kevin is the author of multiple Cisco Press titles and is a full-time instructor of Cisco courses.
  • Author: Kevin Wallace
  • Our review: Great and inexpensive book, lot of real life stories inside, reputable author. Highly recommended!
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2. Interview Prep: Network Engineer

  • Basic description: A preparatory book to help people wishing to gain employment as a network engineer. The target audience is for both those wishing to enter the network engineering field as well as those who are already employed or underemployed as a network engineer.
  • Author: Curtis Hays II
  • Our review: Simple, yet to the point. Easy to understand, author has lot of experience with interviewing network engineers. Recommended! 
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3. Global Networks: Engineering, Operations and Design

  • Basic description: Comprehensive treatment of the key theories and technologies associated with the design of modern communications networks, including equipment, systems and network design. Includes a section on future challenges such as the Exabyte traffic growth and an assessment of the dual roles of IPV4 and IPV6.
  • Author: G. Keith Cambron
  • Our review: Complex, to the point, fully illustrated, cover the entire subject. A must have book in your library, if you are serious about your career in network engineering.
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