About us


NetworkEngineerInterviewQuestions.com was founded in spring 2013 by Matthew Chulaw, Recruitment Consultant and Interview Coach who has been working in the recruitment industry since 2008.

The website offers a complex view on a typical network engineer interview process, including personal, behavioral and technical questions, advising job seekers how to succeed in each stage of their interview. (In contrast to other portals that specialize only in technical questions.)

Matthew is the owner of InterviewPenguin.com , a leading online portal in career advice and job interview preparation niche. He also cooperates with other interview coaches and recruitment experts, working on smaller websites and projects in the cniche, with a goal of helping job seekers to succeed in the employment market.


Website statistics

website statistics from Google analytics, you can see that more than 58,000 people visited the website from May 2013, as well as other numbers on the picture.

  • We have helped more than 58,000 job seekers to date.
  • We have welcomed visitors from 193 different countries and territories, led by United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.
  • We have recorded more than 100,000 page views to date.
  • The website was shared and linked to all over the internet, receiving traffic from 298 different traffic sources, including search engines, social networks, bookmarking sites, video sharing websites, forums, blogs, and other.

More about the author

Matthew Chulaw, profile picture Matthew ran a successful recruitment consultancy New Generation Recruitment, established back in 2008.  IRBIS, IBM, Orange Eemployment, Siemens, O’Donnel Griffin, Shishodia Limited (network engineering consultancy from London) belonged to his clients, together with other smaller companies from different parts of the world.

He would probably still work in the field of recruitment, leading interviews and consulting employers, if Iranian security police didn’t arrest him in Tehran on 23rd August 2012, while he was working on one of his recruitment projects in the country.

Iranian authorities accused Matthew of  spying for the CIA. He spent six months in notorious Evin Prison, facing harsh conditions of solitary confinement and a possibility of a death sentence. Iranians eventually released him in February 2013, but after what had happened to him in Iran, he could not return to recruitment anymore. He turns his interest online, helping the job seekers instead of the employers.

In the following years he joined forces with other recruiters and interview coaches, and established both small and big websites in the career niche. Networkengineerinterviewquestions.com is one of them.

Matthew still occasionally consults employers and participates in the interviews, but he focuses mostly on his online projects, speaking assignments, and writing career.

* Matthew Chullaw is a pseudonym the author uses to separate his interview coaching career from the rest of his activities.